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Online Leadership Courses

Advance your career with relevant agile leadership skills and maximize your potential with these time-efficient personal development courses.

Leadership Development Programs by ACESENCE


Joe Perez

The training was thorough, enjoyable, and relevant. In the Five Inner Voices, I found a few that resonated with me, and love the idea of articulating these concepts and ideas into steps and action plans.

Dr Joe Perez

International Keynote Speaker, CTO

Prasanna Govindarajan

I took away achievable and realistic action plans in the 21-day course. Creatively structured and different from conventional training approach, I found myself introspecting deeper.

Prasanna Govindarajan

Director, Banking and Financial Services

Kathleen Seah

I've found this agile mindset training to be highly relevant for leaders in this VUCA world. It's really encouraging to hear from a woman leader who speaks with such clarity and authenticity!

Kathleen Seah

Head, Human Capital


ACESENCE Leadership Courses are skills-based leadership courses created for busy professionals.

Designed to help professional develop strong emotional intelligence, these online personal development courses close the gap between theory and practice rapidly. You'll gain soft skills that improve your personal and professional performance immediately.

With duration ranging from a few hours on a day to over a couple of weeks, these short leadership development courses give you the immediate advantage that will strengthen your leadership brand and sharpen your communication skills.

Suitable for all professionals of all experience levels. Available online.



Storytelling for persuasion


Measure your communication effectiveness. Unlock the advantage of leadership storytelling.


Leadership Agility Checklist


Your new rule book to unlock the art of influence and persuasion (Get it when you sign up for my email list)


8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility


My Book 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility + Digital Membership for Extra Bonuses


Are you tired of personal development courses where you can't seem to apply what you have learned in your career?

Perhaps you are strapped for time and want to take a useful & bite-sized self-improvement course?

Ultimately, time is your most valuable resource so you expect to see results soon after your investment.

There's plenty for you to choose from – pick the most relevant courses across three development tracks.

  • Track 1 Agile Thinking and Leadership

  • Track 2 Agile Leadership Specialized Courses

  • Track 3 Soft Skills and Personal Effectiveness

Named Best Leadership Training Solutions 2022 – Singapore and Best Agile Leadership Development Coach – Singapore 2020/21 by Corporate Vision Magazine, join our programs specially curated and designed our multi-award-winning executive coach and consultant, Chuen Chuen Yeo.

Track 1

Agile Thinking and Leadership Courses

Develop agile thinking, apply in your real-world context and lead with authenticity and ease

Level 1 – Agile Mindset and Outcomes

Leverage the connection between your mindset and outcomes, and discover three steps to develop agility in leaders.

75 minutes, on-demand video training
Apply anytime.

Agile Thinking and Leadership – Foundation

Get the Foundation Credential upon completion


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Level 2 – 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility

Discover eight representational leadership grey areas commonly faced by today's leaders and turn ambiguity into certainty.

4 weeks, self-paced exercises.

Apply anytime.

Agile Thinking and Leadership - Intermediate

Get the Intermediate Credential upon completion


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Level 3 – Navigating Complexities Effectively

Strengthen leadership compass, examine principles relevant for the future. Increase effectiveness regardless of context.

6-8 weeks, on-demand video training
Apply anytime.

Agile Thinking and Leadership – Advance

Get the Advanced Credential upon completion


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Track 2

Agile Leadership Specialized Courses

Undergirded by a five-pillar approach to effective, agile leadership in the complex world

Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment and Coaching

CAPTAIN – CliftonStrengths Assessment and Feedback

Leverage the connection between your mindset and outcomes, and discover three steps to develop agility in leaders.

90 minutes, 1-to-1, online
Apply anytime

Agile Leadership Specialized Course - Captain

Get the Captain Credential upon completion


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leadership storytelling for persuasion, influence and impact

VISIONARY – Intriguing Leadership Storytelling

Discover the one powerful leadership skill that builds trust rapidly and inspires teams to better performance. 

8weeks, online, partner with other leaders in a private forum. Three cohorts a year. 

Agile Leadership Specialized Course - Visionary

Get the Visionary Credential


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Multiply your team performance

STRATEGIST– 2X Your Team Intelligence and Capacity

Delivering better results on diminishing resources is possible. Maximize your teams' results by adapting your leadership style.

5 weeks, online group coaching program, Two cohorts a year.

Agile Leadership Specialized Course - Strategist

Get the Strategist Credential


Coming Soon

Track 3

Soft Skills and Personal Effectiveness

Elevate your results by enhancing your personal mastery and gain future-ready skills for visionary leaders

Talent Discovery Process

Talent Discovery Process – Discover Your Why & How

Once you know your strengths, the talent discovery process is the next self-improvement program perfect for you.

In just 3 hours, you'll unearth your greatest motivation and desire in work and life, encapsulating your 'why', 'what' and 'how' in a powerful personal revelation process. 

Program can be part of a full executive coaching program.

For professionals, managers of all experience levels. Delivered online.

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Executive Coaching for Influence

Executive Presence, Influence and Gravitas

Commanding presence and authority in the board room is not simply about "being knowledgeable." How you make others feel matters.

In this program, you'll unlock your unique recipe for irresistible leadership presence by experiencing a strengths and values-centered approach.

Receive hyper-personalized support in this executive coaching program.

For dynamic business leaders. Delivered online and in-person.

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Overcome imposter syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Speak Up

Doing good work alone is not going to speak for your accomplishments. To gain the visibility and career growth you deserve, you need to be your own champion.

Discover how you can overcome imposter syndrome step by step in this program and stop feeling like a fraud. Your success is not "just luck" and you are worth every success you get.

For leaders who believe they are capable of achieving more. Available online and in-person.

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Many of my clients have improved their performance, some even at the top 10% within their organisations within 6 months.

Developing the right skills, attitudes and dispositions have allowed many of my clients to increase their overall income substantially, and also enjoy better work-life balance, more fulfilling relationships and satisfaction with their lives.

As Senior Vice-President in a Fortune 100 company, Nathan said, "I confronted many truths about my true self and became more confident in allowing myself to shine as a leader more than just a manager.”