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Develop Your Leadership Skills with These Short Personal Development Courses

Personal development, self improvement, online courses for agile leaders

Leadership Courses in Branding, Communication & Soft Skills

ACESENCE Short Courses are skills-based leadership courses created for busy professionals.

Designed to help professional develop strong emotional intelligence, these online personal development courses close the gap between theory and practice rapidly. You'll gain skills that improve your personal and professional performance immediately.

With duration ranging from a few hours on a day to over a couple of weeks, these short leadership development courses give you the immediate advantage that will strengthen your leadership brand and sharpen your communication skills.

Suitable for all professionals of all experience levels. Available online.

I experienced deep self-discovery  in John Hittler's Genius Talent Discovery Program with Chuen Chuen. This key finding will help me steer my professional and personal development strategically going forward

Nigel W, Director

Global Financial Services

Are you tired of personal development courses where you can't seem to apply what you have learned in your career?

Perhaps you are strapped for time and want to take a useful & bite-sized self-improvement course?

Ultimately, time is your most valuable resource so you expect to see results soon after your investment.

Advanced Course in Agile Thinking and Leadership


Does your leadership ensure you'll thrive and lead with confidence despite the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world?

Imagine you could feel less overwhelmed when navigating waves of change? Galvanise strong support from stakeholders and diverse teams? Respond swiftly and strategically to meet the demands of consumers?

In just 21 days of quick-start leadership speed-teachings, you'll fast track your leadership transformation, so that you'll possess the mindset that delivers positive outcomes to your career and life again and again. 

For professionals, managers of all experience levels. Delivered online.

Get Credentialed Now

CliftonStrengths® Feedback and Coaching


Are you leveraging your strengths to create the maximum impact?

Do you know what are the natural pathways to success available to you?

In this 90-min program, you will work with a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and discover how to start with talent and finish with strength, and learn how to use the most efficient pathway to achieve your desired outcomes. Includes a leadership goal setting and designing actions.

You can include this as part of your executive coaching program or team workshop.

For professionals, managers of all experience levels. Delivered online.

Maximize Your Strengths
gallup cliftonstrengths short courses for personal skills and effectiveness, personal development, professional development
discover your personal development at its peak with genius talent, professional development

Talent Discovery Process


Once you know your strengths, the talent discovery process is the next self-improvement program perfect for you.

In just 3 hours, you'll unearth your greatest motivation and desire in work and life, encapsulating your 'why', 'what' and 'how' in a powerful personal revelation process

Program is extended into a full executive coaching program.

For professionals, managers of all experience levels. Delivered online.

Unleash Your Inner Genius Now

Make Yourself Heard


Are you being seen and heard in your workplace?

Are you building a strong executive presence by sharing your accomplishments fairly?

In this 6-week personal development online course, you will experience step-by-step transformation and differentiate yourself positively in the workplace. Gain confidence to talk about your strengths and contributions. Become a person of influence and lead with confidence.

For women leaders, minorities, and professionals who want to overcome self doubt and lead with confidence.

Coming Soon
develop skills for a strong leadership presence, professional development

Many of my clients have improved their performance, some even at the top 10% within their organisations within 6 months.

This leadership advancement coaching has allowed many of my clients to increase their overall income substantially.

As Senior Vice-President in a Fortune 100 company, Nathan said, "I confronted many truths about my true self and became more confident in allowing myself to shine as a leader more than just a manager.”

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