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Enhancing Agile Leadership with Gallup CliftonStrengths ® and Values

Discover How to Build a Strengths-Based Team
Are your high-performers working as a team?
Enhancing Your leadership with cliftonstrengths


28 million people have discovered their CliftonStrengths (as of Sept 2022)

It's now your turn to discover yours.

CliftonStrengths Top 5

CliftonStrengths is a a powerful evidence-based enhancer to the Five Voices of Leadership Agility, discover your natural pathways to success with Top 5 CliftonStrengths. Upon completion of your CliftonStrengths talent assessment, you will receive personalized results and resources for your CliftonStrengths 1-5. This product is delivered digitally. Copyright by Gallup.


Discover Your Strengths Now
CliftonStrengths Top 5
CliftonStrengths All 34 Talent

CliftonStrengths 34

Upsize your enhancer by unlocking all 34 talent themes. Upon completion of your CliftonStrengths talent assessment, you will receive personalized results and resources for your CliftonStrengths 1-34. This product is delivered digitally. Copyright by Gallup.


Unlock Your Greatest Potential Today

CliftonStrengths for Managers + Full 34 bundle (Get 11% off!)

Managers play a critical role to the success of organizations. They either help their organizations succeed or they hold them back – there's no in between.

Leverage your CliftonStrengths Managers report and see how your unique talents can make you, your teams and your organization be more successful.

You'll get a detailed guide of your top 10 themes, manager-specific insights and recommendations so you'll achieve better outcomes. You'll also gain access to two elearning modules CliftonStrengths: Your Team and CliftonStrengths: Your Leadership

You'll also get your Full34 CliftonStrengths with this digital product. Copyright by Gallup.


Lead with Strengths Now
CliftonStrengths for Managers Report
strengths and values centered leadership credential

1-to-1 Strengths Feedback with Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Leverage our global experience and get practical insights that will maximize your impact. Create a personalized development plan and get the Strengths-and-Values-Centered Leadership credential.

This session is delivered virtually and available anywhere in the world.


Maximize Your Impact


testimonials 1

Chuen Chuen coached me to tap into my strengths. My motivation increased, which helped me become very proactive at my workplace. The transformation was noticeable by my direct managers and my teams.

Chun, Veteran Finance Professional


Veteran Finance Professional

testimonials 2

"My sales results improved by 600% in just 3 sessions. Reevaluating my strengths helped me leverage them. Confronting my true self gave me confidence to shine as a leader and be more than a manager.

Eileen T. Sales Director

Eileen T.

Sales Director, Financial Services

testimonials 3

Learning to leverage my strengths helped me improved my communication style. I now have better visibility in the workplace and my personal brand has improved too. With effective communication, I got a promotion.

Suguna Education Management Professional


Education Management Professional