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Get this Agile Leadership Book and Lead Successful Organizations with '8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility'

To be relevant and effective, it's no longer enough to follow old models of "great" leadership – you need to constantly re-examine your assumptions. Agile leaders challenge and test their relevance often. They also update and disrupt their past definitions of management. This book will help you embrace a new mindset – to lead and inspire in the real world as an agile leader.

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Readers' Praise and Affirmations

Sunil Mundra

Org. Change and Transformation Leader, CXO Advisor @ Thoughtworks

Author of 'Enterprise Agility - Being Agile in a Changing World

Daryl Chew

Regional Information Security Officer

Ronnie Lee

General Manager, Lenovo Singapore

Jared Lee

Vice President, Qatar Airways South East Asia

Fadly Rasyad

Enterprise Agile Coach

Kiran Mann

Vice President, Qatar Airways South East AsiaTop 10 Influential CE, Business Advisory

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8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility Paperback (Singapore Only)

Raise your team and personal performance by discovering how senior leaders, managers and team leads overcome the 8 common conundrums to build an empowering employee culture using the Re4 Coaching Model. Designed as a guide and workbook.

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If our world is changing and unpredictable, then leaders cannot rely only on tools and skills. They need to possess the mindset to thrive by re-examining the traits required to be great leaders.

So how do leaders become agile?

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, leaders need to be able to act quickly and with confidence when facing ambiguity.

Using the Re4 Coaching Model Chuen Chuen has developed, she shares through a collection of success stories in this book how this can support every leader to lead in today’s complex organizations and inspire teams with more certainty and authenticity.

High Praise by Professional Reviewers

"8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility is a compelling business advice book that encourages adaptation and balance."

Foreword Clarion Reviews

"Change isn't always easy, but the author gives examples to show how possible and easy it is."

Readers' Favorite

"A smart, systematic approach to enlightened leadership."

Kirkus Reviews

Rated 5 stars by Readers' Favorite and 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon!

What Business Leaders Say About

This Essential Leaders Book...

Jared Lee, VP of Qatar Airways South East Asia, describes her book as "Very easy to read. The stories are very relatable and the solutions through the Re4 coaching model were very practical."

Tan Li Chow, a HR director for a major pharmaceutical company, says, "The book is structured in a very logical manner" and took away the awareness that "(As) leaders, what we probably need to do is work on the process, helping our teams think better, helping our people do the process better, and it should generate good results sustainably over the long term."

Ronnie Lee, Country Manager of Lenovo Singapore says, "The examples are lively and relevant. I particularly notice the one about high-potential staff becoming manager and carrying a mini-me mindset that causes tension in the team. (I will) use these examples to coach my first-line managers."

be an agile leader, create agile teams with this book for agile leadership

If you want to be an agile leader who:

  • See your situations through a new lens?

  • Shift your mindset using a new anchor (metaphor)?

  • Build a culture with a new style of leading (not only in your software development teams but in all departments)?

  • Lead an effective agile transformation without friction and delay in your organization?

  • Drive positive behavior leading to high-performing and self managing teams?

  • Guide agile teams to exercise strong business judgement and make quick decisions with ease and authenticity?

  • Then Chuen Chuen Yeo's highly practical book is for you.

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