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discover how to tell compelling stories that... 

Build Instantaneous Credibility and Elevate Your Career in 8 Weeks

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compelling leadership storytelling for perfect persuasion


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LinkedIn Top Voice through Storytellin

Your Career and Personal Success is One Story Away

People ask, how did an unknown former math teacher build strong business partnerships and got named LinkedIn Top Voice Company Culture in just three years?

The answer? By telling relatable and compelling stories...

A good story can soften the thickest walls, and melt the strongest resistance.

Writing persuasive stories that elevate thinking is how I connect with my stakeholders because everyone loves a good story.

You too, can use stories to build trust, connection and credibility.

Unlock your career and personal success with leadership storytelling.

Introducing... Leadership Storytelling – Get to Yes™

    Amplify your Impact and Influence by 
    Mastering the Art of Leadership Storytelling

    Are you ready to elevate your leadership impact by mastering the art of storytelling? Our global transformative course Leadership Storytelling – Get to Yes™ offers a comprehensive program that will level up your communication, charisma, and influence.

    Designed specifically for busy and pragmatic leaders like yourself, this global online course delivers immediate results, revolutionizing the way you engage and lead. By participating, you'll gain invaluable skills to craft compelling leadership stories, receive personalized feedback, and refine your delivery techniques for enhanced strategic communication.

    Here's how this online course will empower you:

  • Engaging Presence: Increase your confidence and speak with unparalleled charisma, capturing the attention of your audience authentically.

  • Ignite Interest: Establish credibility by clearly articulating your unique value, eliminating any feelings of awkwardness or uncertainty.

  • Team Culture: Foster a culture of psychological safety within your team, building trust and rapport with authenticity.

  • Get Buy-In: Inspire shared action and secure full buy-in, minimizing resistance while aligning strategies rapidly, reducing friction, confusion, and misunderstanding.

  • Take Action: Engage stakeholders effectively, even when presenting dry, data-rich, and technical content, leaving a lasting impact.

  • Step Up to Influence Now


Leadership Storytelling – Get to Yes™ consists of approximately 6-8 hours of materials. You can complete the coursework on your own time and complete milestones within three months. You'll also get personalized attention on your stories, learn with other dynamic peers in your cohort, and get actionable guidance to improve your storytelling skills.

You will need approximately 1-2 hours per week to complete the assignments.

Next cohort begins on 30 January 2024.


Insights from our range of storytelling programs

Building trust and connection by telling stories have never been easier. I found the session psychologically safe and comfortable to share personal stories. 

Frank Koo

Frank Koo

Head of Asia at LinkedIn

I learnt to communicate more effective through storytelling and am confident that I'll write better stories that are holistic and not just recounting facts.

Dr Freda Lim

Dr Freda Lim

Deputy Director, Science Research

 One of the most valuable takeaways I got was storytelling accelerates connection. I discovered how to tell better stories and am inspired to do so.

Marie Therese Quieta Senior Research Engineer and Innovation Lead

Marie Therese Quieta

Senior Research Engineer, Innovation Lead


    Leadership Storytelling – Get to Yes™ is a practical and actionable global online course that deconstructs the steps to telling good stories with an easy framework. Composing a compelling narrative in the business context is not an elusive gift reserved only for a few – leadership storytelling is a learnable and trainable skill for everyone.

    As you use storytelling to inspire, communicate and connect people to a shared vision, you will see significant impact to your influence right away. Develop the ability to persuade, gain influence and make an impact— and change your career, your team and your organization.

    Credential Requirements: In order to earn the credential in Leadership Storytelling, participants need to complete all coursework with reasonable effort and competency in three months.



  • Identify characteristics of effective leadership stories that emotionally connect

  • Refute common misconceptions about brilliant stories that persuade and influence

  • Identify opportunities for brief, compelling stories in every day workplace communication 

  • Key Exercises:

  • Define your desired storytelling voice and leadership brand


    Experiences from our range of storytelling programs

    This session changed the way I thought about using stories to create impact and influence. The hands-on exercise in writing our own stories in a compelling way was really useful and actionable.

    Alicia Lee Business Digital Analyst

    Alicia Lee

    Business Digital Analyst

    Never have I come out of a summit as inspired and motivated as I have from ecosySTEM 2023. Today, I said goodbye to being a knowledgeable talker and start being a persuasive communicator!

    Molshree Pandey

    Molshree Pandey

    Director and Global Head- Insights and Advisory, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Evalueserve

    What will you discover in this program?

    We can't wait for you to transform and make a difference to your career and impact.

    Speak with Confidence Now

    Why You Need to Join This
    Storytelling for Leaders Global Online Course

    communication skill

    Communicate Effectively 

    Named a core skill by Mckinsey, significantly improves your communication.

    inspire trust is a rare skill

    Inspire Trust, Authentically

    Stand out and lead with empathy and inspire trust by storytelling.

    step by step curriculum

    Build Your Confidence Step-by-Step

    Actionable tasks that grow your confidence so you'll achieve the transformation.

    circle of like-minded leaders

    Get Personalized Feedback

    Receive valuable individual and 360- feedback to help you improve.

    make a winning impression

    Gain Valuable Presentation Skills

    Change your career by nailing the most common business scenarios.

    Agile Leadership Credential VISION

    Elevate Your Leadership Brand 

    Stand out from the crowd with our Agile Leadership Credential. Showcase your ability to influence and persuade.


    Graduates from the past cohorts of Leadership Storytelling – Get to Yes™

    Storytelling has made me more confident in writing on social media. Now that I'm equipped with the storytelling skills, I'm ready to let go of the fear of being judged and build my personal brand with confidence.

    Jacqueline Tan, Business Development Director, Brunei

    This course was inspiring, instrumental, and game changing. The skills and new mindset will enable me to become the confident and assertive person I always wanted to be.

    Joyce Chan, Agile Coach, Hong Kong

    I'm confident that I can build trust and communicate better. This new skill of leadership storytelling will help bring my career to greater height. 

    Ranjita Maisnam, Business Anaylst, Singapore

    Unlock Your Career Success With Our
    Leadership Storytelling – Get to Yes™ Global Online Course

    Unlock your career and personal success with leadership storytelling

    Join this online course and you will:

    It will empower you to:

    • Increase your confidence to influence and speak with charisma

    • Build trust, engage and involve people in an authentic way

    • Inspire shared action and get full buy-in with minimal resistance

    • Establish credibility and articulate your unique value clearly, without feeling awkward

    • Create compelling vision, energize and motivate teams, alleviating burnout

    • Communicate data-rich content to stakeholders without confusion




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    Experiences from our range of storytelling programs

    The hands-on activities embodied how we as communicators and leaders need to 'show not tell.'

    Previtha Dawn, PhD Candidate

    PhD Candidate

    I learnt to communicate more effective through storytelling and am confident that I'll write better stories that are holistic and not just recounting facts.

    Candida Vaz Research Scientist

    Research Scientist

    I took away effective storytelling techniques that would improve how I present my value proposition and confidently connect with stakeholders.

    Peng Hoe Tan Logistics and Distribution Manager

    Peng Hoe Tan

    Logistics and Distribution Manager

    get support every week and access videos everywhere




    Accelerate your transformation as an impactful communicator.

  • Online instructional videos available everywhere, accessible for three months after graduation

  • Get your questions answered weekly to support your learning

  • Two personalized individual written feedback

  • VISIONARY Agile Leadership Digital Credential upon completion

  • Get lifetime support on your future story in the Persuasive Communicator's Club! (worth S$290/ year)

  • Join Now

    Or Choose the Basic Course Option at S$398. Click Here.

    earn a credential and get personalised written feedback


    • How is the course delivered?

    • The course is delivered on our membership platform. You will have a private page so you can rest assured your work is kept confidential. Each module features a short video with micro-teaching, abundant real-world examples to keep you engaged, and opportunities to engage with a community, including other past and present participants of the course, the Persuasive Communicator's Club. You get to apply your learning right away after each module so you can expect to be healthily challenged and improve fast.

    • I have questions mid-way the program. How will I get support?

    • You can reach out to me easily via the weekly Q&A. You can bounce off ideas as your craft your stories at early stage, and get constructive feedback in the personalized feedback.

    • Why did you create this course? Do all leaders need this?

    • It's a resounding Yes. After years of partnering senior leaders around the globe, I have found that what was preventing them from better results is the inability to get buy-in. Being the most intelligent is important, but the ability to persuade others to adopt new strategies is even more so. And the challenge commonly occurs when they meet people of different backgrounds. With our workplaces increasingly becoming diverse (with five generations in the workplace), storytelling will help you get buy-in quicker and with less heartache.

    • Do you deliver this program in-person or for teams?

    • The following applies to online program for individuals.

      For customized team programs, check out our Corporate Training.

    • I'm having a very busy period and might miss some deadlines. Can I join the program?

    • Yes, you can. You can access the program for three months and simply need to complete the assignments before that. It will take you 1-2 hours a week to complete the coursework. I hope to see you in the course. The next run will be a few months later.

    • I see bonus video tasks included. Do I need to do it?

    • You'll get feedback on your written stories. The video tasks are stretch tasks for you to deliver the stories with more confidence. However, I understand different people have different comfort levels with speaking on screen and I used to be very stiff and awkward on screen as well. Helping you feel safe is my priority so you are welcome to share your videos when you feel comfortable to take up the challenge.

    • What are your guarantees?

    • Once you enroll in the course, my mission is to help you improve your storytelling skills and ability to communicate, persuade and influence. Based on the course design, most people will be able to see results rapidly. Some tasks can make you feel uncomfortable and that is understandable. I use to have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) when I have to speak in front of people! Should you require additional support, I will personally work with you until you get a solid grasp of the concepts.