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Impactful and actionable strategies that will transform mindsets and elevate results

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A preview of our bestselling Leadership Storytelling Interactive Keynote


At ACESENCE, we believe that the best leadership lessons are simple yet impactful. That's why businesses and organizations leverage Chuen Chuen's vast experience with international businesses. Named one of 101 Global Coaching Leaders at 9th World HRD Congress, her relatable stories and down-to-earth approach will inspire and connect with your audience.

Engage Yeo Chuen Chuen as your keynote speaker for your virtual webinar or business event and hear refreshing insights.

    Here's what the audience can expect:

  • Insights from her thought-leadership books, 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility and Leaders People Love

  • Transformational leadership insights distilled from working with multi-national leaders across industries 

  • Elevated perspectives with her proprietary Agile Leadership Framework, the Five Inner Voices

  • Quick wins and immediate strategies for better leadership skills, teamwork, communication and influence 


Coaching awards and thought leadership accolades by peopleHum, World HRD Congress and Corporate Vision Magazine


  • Evidence-based findings from global executive coach and author

  • Actionable insights designed for international audience

  • Based in Singapore, available virtually and in-person for your corporate event

  • Her presentation was authentic and effective – a show of efficiency like Singapore! I took away so many benefits and I love her relatable personal story. The solid content was inspirational and she drove home the message. A great keynote speaker & artist.

    Mabelyn Tan

    Mabelyn Tan

    Applications Scientist

    Chuen Chuen's webinar was highly engaging. She was so inspiring with her authenticity, confidence and deep knowledge. I took away many useful steps to overcome the barriers of self doubt and transition to become a trusted leader in the organization.

    Dr Shuchi Sharma

    Dr Shuchi Sharma

    Founder and Principal Consultant

    She drove home many salient points at the online event. I'm reminded that as a leader, I need to assess if what I am doing will be relevant in the future. I became more cognisant that success to me is about the impact and creating value for myself and my organization.

    Raiz Saiyed

    Riaz Saiyed

    Vice President Human Resources


    Raise the quality of leadership thinking in your organization with these interactive presentations.

    Leadership Storytelling – Authentic Influence and Persuasion

    As Paul J. Meyer once said - “Communication is the key to personal and career success”. While everyone has creative opinions and game-changing solutions, an ineffective way of communication poses as roadblocks that impede performance.

    In the diverse business ecosystem today, leaders need to communicate and break down walls. This can be easily done with a simple framework.

    In this session, Chuen Chuen will share tactical steps of a leadership storytelling framework that you can implement right away, so that you will gain confidence to persuade and communicate with impact.

    Leverage Leadership Storytelling Now
    Need a longer session? Discuss how to turn this into a workshop.
    Leadership Storytelling Interactive Keynote for Large Groups
    Leadership Keynote and virtual webinars for high performance organizations

    Agility – The Mindset to Thrive

    James Allen once said, "A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thought."

    While every leader has the ambition and desire to succeed in their field, an outdated way of analyzing problems limits results.

    Adopting the mindset to thrive - or agile thinking – is necessary for success as it gives leaders the unquestionable advantage.

    In this keynote speech, Chuen Chuen will give you actionable steps to overcome the challenges in today's workplaces.

    Lead With Agility

    High-Performance Culture that Creates Happy Employees, Happy Workplaces

    In the disrupted world, agility in leaders is key. For the workforce to thrive and be meaningfully engaged in work, our priority is to enable leaders to lead with a relevant mindset, redefining what it means to work, collaborate and live in the changing world. 

    This keynote speech is created in conjunction with the book, Leaders People Love Drawing insights from the Leaders People Love Global Survey, designed to test out our hypothesis that effective managers increase employee happiness and engagement, Chuen Chuen will share the pillar findings and actionable strategies your organizational leaders can take to build high-performance cultures.

    Elevate Your Culture
    Leading teams in business can be simple when you master communication
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    Whether your audience is based in Singapore, Asia, Europe or any part of the world, we promise they'll leave the event with transformative action steps.

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    Interactive Keynotes Loved by Industry Leaders

    Our interactive keynotes are also called "key-shops" representing keynote + workshop. These key-shops work well if you have a large audience and want them to be engaged in a longer session. Depending on the duration and context, we will offer the best option for you – whether it's a traditional 20-min keynote or a 2-hour long key-shop.

    Design Your Keynote

    An excellent session at EcosySTEM summit about personal storytelling, not just corporate one; Coming from an engineering background, it is hard to start from character, then competencies and credentials. I loved her interactive session with the leadership pair intro. To stand out in a VUCA world - why we do what we do, why it matters & how it's done is key to building trust.  

    Anders Karlsson
    Vice President, Global Strategic Networks, Elsevier

    Anders Karlsson, Elsevier

    Never have I come out of a summit as inspired and motivated as I have from ecosySTEM 2023. I always thought I had the 'Power of storytelling' in me. But, Chuen Chuen completely changed my perspective. Today, I said goodbye to being a knowledgeable talker and started my journey to embrace being a persuasive communicator!

    Molshree Pandey
    Director and Global Head- Insights and Advisory, Life Sciences and Healthcare, 

    Molshree Pandey

    I thoroughly enjoyed the leadership storytelling session led by Chuen Chuen. Her interactive keynote showed us how to create a powerful personal brand, an essential skill needed by leaders today to maximize our leadership influence and impact.

    Vincci Loo
    Senior Customer Success Manager, Social Impact Coach, LinkedIn

    Vincci Loo

    “Storytelling matters. Because that’s how you present yourself or represent your science” was my takeaway.  The interactive session encouraged and enlightened me to craft stories that present my whole self and purpose, so as to enable success of others. 

    Taniya Perera, PhD Microfluidics
    Researcher, Nanyang Technological University Singapore

    Taniya Perera