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Executive Coaching for Leaders People Love

At ACESENCE, we believe that Executive Coaching unlocks the potential to high performance in leaders. Becoming a leader people love is possible if you know how – and we believe we have found the pathway that will accelerate your professional development.

In alignment with our leadership framework for agile leaders, our executive coaching program enables you to harness the Five Inner Voices: An inclusive leader who focuses on strengths in teams, a people developer armed with powerful coaching skills, a visionary that brings about positive change, and a strategic leader who maximizes impact effortlessly.

  • Higher productivity

  • Increased well-being and resilience

  • More positive relationships and confidence

  • Increased revenue

We want to create more great places to work where employees find happiness through purposeful work. Effective and relevant leaders lead to higher engagement – that's your greatest competitive advantage.

Chuen Chuen's coaching has worked for clients from nearly 40 countries. Named Best Agile Leadership Development Coach – Singapore by Corporate Vision Magazine in 2020/21 and Woman Super Achiever by 9th World HRD Congress, she's a strategic learning solutionist who provides simple solutions for today's complex problems. Recognized for her coaching skills and awarded Asia's Most Talented Coaching Leader in 2019, and 101 Top Global Coaching Leaders in 2020 by World HRD Congress, she holds herself to the highest level of ethics, guiding her practice according to the standards set out by International Coaching Federation.

Our Featured Coaching Programs

Leverage our expertise in supporting leaders from nearly 40 countries to reach their next peak. Suitable for senior leaders, managers leading change and organizations experience significant transformations.

leadership coaching for senior leaders

Leadership Coaching for Managers & Executives

Professional development for executives and senior managers who want to increase influence, raise employee engagement and business results.

Increase Your Influence
Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition Coaching for Mid Career Reinvention

Career realignment for matured professionals who want to build a strong personal brand, develop a strategy and achieve career goals.

Develop Your Career Strategy
executive coaching for women leaders

Executive Coaching for Women in Leadership

Tailored program for women leaders. Individualized support designed to create strong female executive presence, and become a powerful voice of change.

Assert Your Influence

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Our Stories of Impact

Suguna, Education Management Professional

Greater Confidence and Visibility

With my thoughts and actions aligned, I improved my communication style. My performance & personal brand become stronger, and soon after working with Chuen Chuen as my executive coach, I took on a new leadership role.


Education Management Professional

Chun, Veteran Financial Professional

Stakeholders Noticed My Transformation

Chuen Chuen coached me to tap into my own strengths. My self awareness and motivation increased, which helped me become very proactive at my workplace. I began showing up differently – more authenticity and ease. I'm much happier and satisfied today.


Veteran Finance Professional

Wei, Entrepreneur

My Mindset Changed and Business Grew 

My mindset has changed from a freelancer to a business owner. With effective leadership mindset, I became actively engaged in growing my company and responding to new opportunities with agility, improving my business performance.



Chun, Veteran Financial Professional

Sales Results Improved by 600%

My sales results improved by 600% in just 3 sessions. Reevaluating my strengths with my executive coach, Chuen Chuen helped me leverage them effectively. With greater self awareness, I can now shine confidently as a leader and be more than a manager.

Eileen T.

Sales Director, Financial Services

More stories of transformation...

Names were omitted to respect the confidentiality and privacy agreement.

I value Chuen Chuen’s inputs because they are relatable and applicable to my unique work context. I obtained a perspective shift with her guidance that allowed me to empower and engage my co-workers instead of assuming what was motivating and satisfying for me applied to them. 

Learning about my Gallup CliftonStrengths helped me discover many ways to apply my talents deliberately. I achieved better alignment with my middle managers by introducing more introspection into the discussions, asking the right questions– to get them to see/feel what is lacking without imposing the change (or the need to change) on them arbitrarily.

L, Deputy Director, Singapore Public Service

Chuen Chuen is a very effective coach. Through her coaching methods and sharing of useful examples and relevant framework, I was able to gain a better perspective of my personal leadership philosophycarefully chart my progress as I transited into a new leadership role, and deal with some of the more pressing leadership challenges I faced at that time. I was able to navigate team dynamics better, without stress and overwhelm. I have benefited tremendously from her executive coaching.

A, Deputy Commander, Singapore Public Service

Chuen Chuen is a very personable executive coach who has an innate ability in making people open up to her about their thoughts. Always the attentive listener, she is quick to pick up insightful observations from seemingly ordinary conversations and provide useful suggestions on areas for improvement. Overall, it has been a great experience and I have benefited immensely from my executive coaching sessions with her.

C, Assistant Director, Singapore Public Service

Every coaching session with Chuen Chuen is thoroughly enjoyable and insightful. She is authentic, energetic and generous in sharing tips and stories to help one grow as a leader. What I gained most out of the sessions is her ability to help me to unlock my leadership potential by recommending actions I can take to make the most out of my strongest CliftonStrengths theme, and staying Agile. A highly trusted executive coach whom I would recommend.

T, Director, Singapore Public Service

Chuen Chuen was extremely personable and held a safe space for our confidential discussions. My time with her were strategic "calendar items" as she helped me take a step back from the daily grind to reflect and think about my career,  and evaluate my progress. I value her perspectives and she raised my awareness on my highest-performing zone. As I took on a larger portfolio with more reportees to develop, I managed to shift my mindset and found ways to maximize my impact on the wider team.

E, Director, Singapore Public Service

Chuen Chuen guided me to think through my leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. Together we explored what worked for me and crystalized my thoughts on how to overcome my pain points. The sessions were really powerful in helping me rediscover myself and I can immediately see the positive impact as I apply the identified solutions from the sessions.”

SS, Director, Science Research, Singapore Public Service

Chuen Chuen has been an effective executive coach to help illuminate blind spots and lend a different perspective on how to improve my leadership qualities further. It is a pleasure working with her to learn more about effective leverages to succeed in the corporate realm!

J, Senior Director, Singapore Public Service

Chuen Chuen is like a mirror where she enables you to reflect deeply on your achievements, focus and area of improvement. Having a conversation with Chuen Chuen is easy, relaxed, and spurs you to take positive action after each session. I thoroughly enjoyed this executive coaching and found it highly useful.

L, Director, Singapore Public Service