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Hi, I'm Chuen Chuen.

If 90% of my clients experience mindset shifts within 3 sessions, then imagine what you will do.

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About Yeo Chuen Chuen

Helping others find and use their strengths is rewarding to me. 

World-class training programs I have taken opened my eyes to what is possible for leaders when professional coaching methods are applied.

Using professional coaching and designing human capital programs to help leaders discover keys for unlocking their greatest potential is something I enjoy doing.

Total Prestige Magazine called me the "secret weapon needed for businessmen and women to become the best they can be in the executive world."

That said, it is a great honor to help leaders gain and develop leadership skills they didn't realize they possessed.

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Are you a people leader or executive who...

Needs to realign your center of focus in work and life?

Wants to design your career (and life) of choice?

Desires to communicate and influence with confidence?

Strives to give your team the best learning experience?

Let's discuss your needs, wants, and desires.

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Explore executive coaching with award-winning coach, Yeo Chuen Chuen

My Credentials Include...

Chuen Chuen Coaching Credentials
Yeo Chuen Chuen Leadership Agility Coach, Women Leadership

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My work as a leadership agility coach and the Founder of ACESENCE has positioned me well in the business world. Over the years, my work has received accolades and praise for which I’m grateful. Recent notable recognition includes: “Top 101 Global Coaching Leaders” and “Woman Super Achiever” in 2020, and "Best Agile Leadership Development Coach" in 2020 and 2021. My goal is to offer leadership development to business executives through organizational mindset shifts and create learning solutions for companies around the globe.

My genius talent is to unearthing treasures others cannot envision. I do this by designing the best pathway, activating success, enrolling key players and elevating our lives together.

I do this because I believe everyone deserves the best life they can get.

My genius talent matches my Gallup CliftonStrengths perfectly.


Coaching awards and thought leadership accolades by peopleHum, World HRD Congress and Corporate Vision Magazine

Fun Fact!

I often describe myself as your GLOCAL coach! (aka global + local)

My business and global reach is enabled by today's technology advancements. Years before online coaching became a norm, I had already started doing it. 

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