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An Essential Five-Part Program Anchored in Values and Strengths for Leadership in the VUCA World

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Agile Leadership is the Key to Business Agility and Longevity

  • All-rounded Success in Career and Life

  • Are you unwilling to settle for mediocrity and always striving for your highest potential?

  • Continuous Value Creation 

  • Are you a leader who is passionate about creating teams that work in an agile way and are consistently delivering high customer value?

  • Future-Ready Leaders

  • Does your executive education prepare you for the uncertain world?

    Is your leadership style advantageous for your organisational culture, increasing psychological safety or spearheading an agile transformation?

    business people discussing business strategy

    If you want to thrive in an uncertain world, then you need to first unlock the power of an Agile Mindset.

    You could be concerned with business agility, trying to catalyze change in your company, or simply wondering what's the best way to develop a pipeline of highly effective leaders who are future-resilient.

    No matter which role you play in your organization, one thing is certain – change is coming.

    That's why leaders like you need to develop the agility so that you can navigate the complex, real world.

    This journey begins with the agile mindset.

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    Develop Agile Leadership Capabilities Predictably with our Proven Method

    Leadership training without nudging the mindset, is only skin deep.

    Undeniably, the simplest way for you to evaluate leaders is by observing their behavior and see if they exhibit the right leadership characteristics.

    But this approach in itself is flawed. In the volatile business climate, weaknesses in leaders are exposed quicker. The pursuit of skills training for the purpose of demonstrating the "right skills" have left many organizations asking themselves the billion dollar question – why aren't we getting our return-on-investment despite the generous budget we've spent on leadership training?

    Leadership training is expensive – and even more so when you focus on the wrong things. That's why at ACESENCE, we help you focus on the right ones.

    We know the importance of a strong leadership foundation – because the rise and fall of your enterprise lies in the quality of leadership at all levels.

    Start with the Agile Mindset

    Here's a known fact – A poor mindset results in poor outcomes. That's why at ACESENCE, we help leaders develop capabilities that are permanent. No matter how volatile the environment becomes, agile leaders will always succeed. Look at the current business environment.

    Authentic Leadership Styles

    Instead of imposing a fixed leadership style, we guide leaders to discover theirs. Is it enough for managers to rely on old ways of doing things? Probably not.

    That's why our values-centered approach helps leaders gain attitudes and skills that are essential now and in the future.

    Global Insights, Impactfully Applied

    Learning without application is no learning at all. That's why one of our mission is to "bridge the gap between theory and practice." With our tailored programs, we deliver practices that our global clients love – highly versatile, instantly useful and empowering.

    Bite-Sized Learning, Lasting Results

    Not just a theoretical training, we give you results – permanent behavior changes. Focusing first on the mindset, we break down the concepts so that your leadership development is enjoyable, palatable and inviting. Expect small steps that delivers big results.

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    Leading with agility is vital because it will raise your teams' innovation, improve problem solving, and agile decision making. In the business world where boundaries are blurred, you need to enable cross functional collaboration. When work relationships are human-centered and undergirded by trust and commitment, seamless collaboration can be achieved.

    Earn the Foundation Credential
    Begin Your Journey of Leadership Agility

    Organizations can invest today by supporting leaders in their development. By putting in a place a structured leadership training program, they'll get results predictably instead of randomly. Sure, people can probably figure things out on their own but in a climate where talent is scarce, your best bet for corporate longevity is to have a pipeline of effective leaders ready to make a difference.

    An intentional and structured approach to growing leadership talent will help you develop more great leaders. With the right skills and attitude, you'll harness the best ideas from your diverse talent pool, formulate the best strategy and inspire others to pursue a common vision – build a thriving company collectively so that work can be meaningful and purposeful.

    What value do agile leaders bring to your organization?

    Grow the agile mindset for agile leadership. An Agile leader brings must value to your team members and business.

    Employee engagement, revenue, leadership sustainability, business resilience

    1. Engage and lead diverse employees

    Diversity and inclusion might be top on your list of priorities. Having leaders who are agile and effective will help you engage and lead diverse employees.

    2. Align and unite employees towards a common vision with near-perfect implementation

    Teams are moving towards self organization as employees desire autonomy. If your leaders have the characteristics and ability to align others, then you'll find your change and implementation much smoother. 

    3. Develop a pipeline of good leaders

    Leaders are inspiring and they grow more leaders. By role modeling effective communication, influence, creative problem-solving and people management is one of the best way to imbue these qualities in future leaders.

    Focus on every level of leadership – not only the top performers. Taking care of your pipeline where all employees can be leaders, and are given opportunities to be developed to their fullest potential will help you create multiple pathways to success. By focusing on the employee experience and human capital, you'll pave the way for your organization to achieve much better outcomes.

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    Effective Leadership Begins with Personal Mastery

    Part 1: Learning about yourself

    What are your innate qualities, strengths and talent?

    What's your definition of leadership?

    How do you influence and bring a group of people together?

    What makes you shine with confidence and be a successful leader?

    This list of questions is inexhaustible and that's why all my clients often complete the following exercises so that they may master the self.

      1. Core Values Exercise

      Your core values form the compass of your leadership. Your core values influence the characteristics you display. These will help you to first, express your definition of leadership. These will also help you collaborate better with diverse teams. Personal mastery for leaders is essential. Here's where leadership principle #1 comes in: You cannot give what you do not have.

      If you don't know your motivations well, or how you approach decision making, how can you lead with high emotional intelligence? How will you be able to help your employees? How do you create impact for organizations?

      Being an agile leader doesn't mean changing who you are. On the contrary, it's about getting to know yourself at a deeper level and taking all your best characteristics, qualities and focus them to achieve your personal vision. Recognizing your values will help you give you new ideas on how you can approach the change.

      Learning what you can and can't change will in fact, make you more flexible and agile across different context and environment. You will also enhance your management style and increase your repertoire of collaboration techniques as well as facilitating ways your employees can work with each other.

      There are some popular values assessment out there. If you would like to learn about yours, be a member of the Leadership Agility Force.

      Understand Your Values Now

      2.Strengths Assessment

      Do you know your innate talents? What about a skill that only you have?

      Are you aware how you generate and sort through ideas, create a creative environment that embraces innovation, inspiring others to experiment, facilitate growth or simply how you influence people?

      Tapping into your natural pathways to success enhances your leadership by many folds. Explore your strengths with an executive coach so that you'll get deeper insights that are actionable. Take it as an accelerated course in business school where you'll know where to focus your efforts in the future.

      The best leaders I know are continuously learning about themselves and I guarantee you'll find fresh perspectives and insights as you discover your strengths. Check out our strengths programs here.

      Discover CliftonStrengths

    Part 2: Nurture the five inner voices of leadership agility

    Part of my value proposition is to provide simple solutions that overcomes your complex challenges. Having a framework gives you more ideas where you grow and transform your leadership.

    A quick overview of what you can raise your agility by using the five inner voices that touch on team engagement, influencing people, language that inspire and empowering teams.

      Agile Leadership Captain

      1. The Captain

      In charge of your personal mastery and emotional regulation, I regard the Captain as the leader of the five inner voices. It enables all your other inner voices to work together. Unlike traditional leadership styles where emotions are often ignored or neglected, the changing profile of your employees requires you to now explore a different way of delivering value to your people.

      Companies must also remember that many are currently going through transformations. The changes are often uncomfortable and a good leader in the team will smoothen the journey.

      And for that, leaders can focus on strengthening the Captain for starters.

      Agile Leadership Developer

      2. The Developer

      Do you know what do people want from you as their leader? An effective leader knows how to engage people. They also lead with empathy (understanding what inspires others.) Without learning opportunities, your most talented people are unlikely to stay on for long. Leaders need to accept that the chance to grow and having the space to contribute their ideas is increasingly important for people.

      If you want to retain your best talent, then leadership skills like developing people are essential.

      That begins a positive cycle where more great leaders are born. In my domain, I prefer to see it as 'more agile leaders nurturing more agile leaders.'

      Agile Leadership Visionary

      3. The Visionary

      Is your vision compelling? Do people believe in it? Are your teams with you in your vision, seeking solutions together or are you leading alone?

      Change for any organization, can only go so far with systems and processes. People are your single more valuable resource. The more effective you are in your communication, the more you can inspire confidence and demonstrate your leadership in these volatile times.

      The best leaders 'individualize' and tailor their message to meet the needs of their people, and effective change only happens when you have people on the boat with you (riding towards the vision).

      Do a reality check. Your vision is unlikely to remain static so the more agile you can be in bringing your team to the same page, the more agile your oganization can become.

      Agile Leadership Strategist

      4. The Strategist

      How do you know if your strategy of change is effective? What are the odds that you'll succeed? Think of it as a design thinking exercise. Do you have the essential parts in place?

      Leaders need to be strong in strategic thinking. This is one the qualities that has increasingly become crucial for great leaders.

      A strategist is essential for your leadership journey because if you aren't able to cut through the noise and help others see what's most important, companies can't change for the better. Invest in the strategist and you'll elevate the qualities of thinking in your team (thereby nurturing more good leaders) and create impact beyond self.

      Agile Leadership Agilist

      5. The Agilist

      Is your decision making process working? Do systems and process support your team members to be high-performing or are you sticking to traditional leadership styles?

      Among the five inner voices, my favourite is the Agilist because it embodies the principles of agile leadership so well. If there's a necessary change, make it happen because being obsolete and irrelevant cannot be a choice right now.

    With the Agile Mindset, you can be a good leader today and a great leader tomorrow.

    Get Additional Value From Your Leadership Development with Our Digital Credentials

    We've partnered with CertifyMe to help you celebrate your milestones digitally and raise your personal brand.