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Foundation credential in agile leadership

Begin Your Journey in Agile Leadership Today

Earn the Foundation Credential in Agile Thinking and Leadership Now

All it requires is 75 minutes of commitment to your growth and development.

Why Become an Agile Leader?

Today's complex workplaces call for new leadership styles and strategies.

Managers now have so much to juggle:

- waves and waves of disruption

- varied needs from a multi-generational workforce

- shrinking talent pool

- reduced corporate longevity...

and the list goes on.

To continue to be successful and RELEVANT in Industry 4.0/5.0, you need to embrace an agile mindset.

ACESENCE is on a mission to elevate the quality of leadership in every workplace, and by equipping every leader with the agile mindset, we believe you'll easily optimize your possibilities and maximize your impact!

What You'll Discover in This On-Demand Training

1. The indisputable connection between your mindset and outcomes

2. Why the agile mindset is essential for leaders who want to thrive and excel in today's workplaces

3. ACESENCE's three steps to developing agility in leader

Join the Revolution of Agile Leadership.

You'll earn your first credential in Agile Thinking and Leadership with this program – in just 75 minutes! 

Get Instant Access
Earn the Foundation Credential at SGD 29.

Once enrolled, you'll get access to an in-demand virtual training. Complete it within 2 weeks, fill up a short assessment and receive your credential. Details are in email after enrollment.