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intermediate credential in agile leadership

Enhance Your Understanding of the 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility

Earn the Intermediate Credential in Agile Thinking and Leadership Now

Complete a short reflection and apply your learning in real life.

Significance of the 8 Paradoxes and Your Leadership Potential

The 8 paradoxes represent the most common challenges felt and experienced by global leaders. Over the years, after working in close partnership with countless managers and executives, I have found that the paradoxes, while can be troubling and limiting, can also be the keys to unlock their greatest potential.

The difference between a relevant and effective leader vs. one who is outdated and limited lies in the mindset. 

Unlock the mindset and embrace agility.

Hear How Global Leaders are Applying the 8 Paradoxes and the Agile Mindset in the Future of Work

What You'll Discover in This Self-Directed Program

1. The paradoxes that are present in your daily work, and steps to mitigate the risks.

2. Design an effective strategy so you are intuitively aware of how you can achieve positive outcomes.

You'll earn your credential in Agile Thinking and Leadership with this program

simply complete a short guided exercise. 

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Earn the Intermediate Credential at SGD 49.

Once enrolled, you'll get access to the exercise in the membership site. Complete it and receive your credential. Details are in email after enrolment.