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Advanced Program in Agile Thinking and Leadership

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Joe Perez

"...articulating concepts and ideas into steps and plans..." 

The training was thorough, enjoyable, and relevant. In the Five Inner Voices, I found a few that resonated with me, and love the idea of articulating these concepts and ideas into steps and action plans.

Dr Joe Perez, International Keynote Speaker, CTO

Kathleen Seah

"Highly relevant for leaders in this VUCA world..."

I've found this agile mindset training to be highly relevant for leaders in this VUCA world. We don't hear from that many women leaders, so it's really encouraging to hear from one who speaks with such clarity and authenticity!

Kathleen Seah, Head, Human Capital

Jose Galvez

"Gain the wisdom to manage complexities effectively."

This outstanding program helped me grasp the most essential element I need in the VUCA world. With this course, you'll certainly gain the wisdom to manage complexities effectively.

Jose Galvez, AVP Business Strategy & Operations

Prasanna Govindarajan

"I took away achievable and realistic action plans..." 

I took away achievable and realistic action plans in the 21-day Agile Mindset Challenge. Creatively structured and different from conventional training approach, I found myself introspecting deeper and finding better answers that are relevant in the VUCA world.

Prasanna Govindarajan, Director

Cynthia Chua

"... Take steps forward to immediate develop an agile mindset..."

This engaging training has provided me insights on how I can take steps forward to immediately develop an agile mindset by simply adjusting my frame of mind. The approach shared in this Foundation training Is simple and can be easily adopted by any leader.

Cynthia Chua, HR Business Partner, IHRP-SP , SHRM-CP

Joshi Chandramauli

"Focuses on practical advice with scenarios..."

The foundation training is one of a kind program for developing Agile Leadership. It purely focuses on practical advice with scenarios which definitely helped me to map it with my current situations.

Joshi Chandramauli, Enterprise Agile Consultant - Agile Capability & Advisory at Accenture

Joseph Griffin

"...new perspectives to grow the agile mindset..." 

The foundation training has provided me with additional things to think about as I shape my own agile mindset and shape others. The 3 step process is a great way to internalize how to develop the agile mindset. The 5 voices also provide new perspectives to accomplish the goal of an agile mindset.

Joseph Griffin, Principal

Shaw Chyi Tan

"... Opens my mind to want to learn more."

This short training opens my mind to want to learn more. The issues Chuen Chuen highlighted are very close at heart and commonly faced by all working professionals and leaders in this economy.

Shaw Chyi Tan, Senior Regional Sales Manager